Hunter SRE

Our mission is to inspire, equip and support SRE Teachers throughout the Hunter Region.

We provide training events, advice and resources to SRE Teachers, SRE Coordinators and local churches.
We also have a list of schools requiring SRE teachers. Contact us for more information:


While finances allow we are offering to reimburse training costs for NEW teachers up to $70. To apply contact us at

Please note that our new website address is


Upcoming Events

Online training (“Essentials”) is available for new teachers or to keep your authorisation current –  see the Events calendar.


Check if this is approved by your approved provider before registering.


Impact young lives with the good news of Jesus.

Hunter SRE is a group of individuals who are actively involved in local Christian churches and represent a variety of denominations around Newcastle and the Hunter region. Together, they are committed to encouraging and training SRE Teachers so that SRE classes can be taught in any public school that requests SRE lessons.

NSW Government schools have had a policy for providing religious education since 1880. Special Religious Education (SRE) is available for any child to attend, at their parent’s choice.

Are you ready?

Becoming an SRE Teacher is incredibly rewarding and a great way to give back to your local community. Find out how to become an SRE Teacher.

Find templates, videos, links and resources you need to teach or promote SRE.


Coordinators are integral to SRE. Explore our events, videos & resources for School and Church Coodinators.