At Hunter SRE, we consider Coordinators to be integral team leaders who deserve all the support we can give them.

School Coordinator

A School Coordinator is a member of the school staff who’s been appointed to coordinate SRE at their school. School Coordinators liaise with Church Coordinators if there are any timetable changes or issues that need to be addressed.

Church Coordinator

A Church Coordinator is a member who’s been appointed by their church to coordinate SRE. The Church Coordinator is the glue that holds SRE together and makes it work: liaising with the school, with teachers and with their church community. They keep SRE on the agenda and recruit new teachers.

The SRE Handbook sets out the role of a Church Coordinator.


Hunter SRE hosts a lunch and a coffee and dessert evening early each year to meet new Coordinators, encourage current Coordinators and update them with SRE news. We also provide a yearly calendar of training and events.

If a situation should arise and a Coordinator needs help, we are available to provide support and troubleshoot, so please get in touch.